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About is the worldwide agent for the sale of handmade Empire antique replicas, these artworks are manufactured by European artists and craftsmen, our head office and showroom is located in Belgium.

The team of is always travelling around the world to find new models to have a wide range of items and to make exclusive masterpieces. We also had the opportunity to produce reproductions of famous models out of several museums such as the Hermitage at St-Petersburg and several museums in France.

The entire process starts at foundry. There are two methods to prepare a piece, by sand and the lost wax method. The team only works with the lost wax method, this is the most complicated method but the result is outstanding!!! This process takes couple of days and starts with a silicone form, which is filled by hot wax. When the wax sets the piece is taken out, and its then set on a special stand. This stand will be treated by ceramics. Forms prepared in such way are put in special basins, and then the wax is melted away. This is how the ceramics forms are prepared, which are then heated in special ovens. Then they are filled with bronce, prepared daily according to special proportions. All highly skilled employees take special care to work according with the rules, so that the quality of the product is flawless. When the metal sets, the ceramic forms are broken away, until an element is ready for further preparation.

Finishing is made by chiselers and their helpers, who are doing everything by hand. The helpers work with the metal using the sand paper, buffer and other tools. The element is then chiselled by specialists with cold chisels. They are special cold chisels finished with various designs, which chiselers make themselves through their professional life. Some have collections of several hundred pieces. Sometimes, to chisel an element they have to use several designs. After the chiselling is finished, the piece is then put together again and given back to the chiselers, who fix all flaws appearing after the assembly. After this process the piece is put apart again by our team and then the brass elements are send to Paris. There the pieces are burnished and gilded by specialists with 24 carat gold. Some elements are oxidized with different acids to get different colors, from green to brown and black patina.

After the gilding and before final assembly each element is old aged. This means that, by running an agate stone along the surface it gives it special shine. These smooth areas right next to the matt finish give great effect of breaking and reflecting light. Before final assembly every piece gets another quality check. Then the final assembly takes place, all the products will be assembled by old screws and everything is connected the antique way.

We have also a department that is only specialised in clocks. This team is always searching for first Empire movements to put into the replicas. Before they put the movement into the clock it gets a complete check-up. So al our reproduction clocks are completed with first Empire movements.

In the range of our products there are various goods made from malachite, lapis lazuli, red porphyry and marble.

They are being manufactured in the following way:

blocks of stone (e.g. Malachite) are cut onto thin tiles (0,08-1 inch thick) tiles are arranged on the surface of furniture (e.g. Marble table top) in the form of so called "Russian Mosaic" their natural texture is being used for composing different patterns such as circles, "butterflies" etc. Veneered goods are manually finished off and polished to achieve effect making final products similar to exhibits from the Hermitage Gallery of Saint Petersburg (Russia).

The pieces leaving the plant are high quality candelabras, tables, vases, chandeliers, sconces, clocks and other decorative objects made of guilt and oxidize brass combined with marble and precious stones.

The team is able to produce anything from an original piece, from a picture or even from a good drawing.

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